General Introduction to Tianchi Mountain Scenic Zone

Tianchi Mountain Scenic Zone is located in the northwest of Mudu town, Wuzhong district and also in the area of Dongwu National Forest Park. It is composed of 3 scenic spots including Tianchi Mountain, Mount Hua and White Elephant Bay. It is celebrated for secluded forest, peculiar stone scenery, huge amount of famed springs and cliff stele, and profound humanity. It enjoys “unusual beautiful and tranquil, (as) fairyland and heaven lake” reputation. It is also the most charming wonderland of all the Suzhou mountain forest scenic spots. It integrates tourism resources including natural landscape, art history, religious culture and popular science education into one, and has become a domestically famous leisure traveling resort.

Introduction to Tianchi Mountain.

Tianchi Mountain is at an altitude of 171 meters. Halfway up it, there is a pool that over hundreds of feet come across the hillside. Hence its main peak came the name-Lotus Peak. It’s celebrated for tranquil environment, beautiful pool, sweet springs, peculiar stones and miraculous Buddha. It also enjoys reputation of “First Scenic Site of Wuzhong”. It’s like a wonderland: encircling peaks, lush springs and fantastic scenery. The scenic spots include: Peach Valley, Tianchi, Purifying Soul Pool, Jijian Temple, Land Boat, Cold Dry Spring, Alms Bowl Spring, Landmine Spring and Lotus Peak. In 2013, Tianchi Mount and Mount Hua merged into Tianchi Mount&Mount Hua Scenic Zone.

Peach Valley

It’s formed by pouring springs and flows endlessly. Fragrant grasses were thriving and petals were shed gloriously. The peach forest was flourishing along the river for several hundreds feet, so it’s named Peach Valley. It’s said that Four Southern Genius of Ming dynasty were often met here for music, wine and scenery. Recently it replanted five-colored peach trees and restored former wonderful scenery. It has enjoyed reputation of “Southern Mount Huang”.


Tianchi lies in front of second door of Jijian Temple. According to Map of Jijian Temple of Tianchi Mountain, halfway up the hill there is a pool over hundreds of feet.The water was crystal clear and shining lucid.It is formed by Alms Bowl Spring, Landmine Spring and so on poured together. It is so clear that water and sky can set each other off. The poolside stones were carved with meaningful “Tianchi” and “Water Bottom Streamer”. There are peculiar stones like Little Mother Stone, Turtle Stone, Fairy Feet and so on in the pool.

Jijian Temple

The name Jijian Temple is originated from Buddhism teaching“Ji Mei Jian Jie”, and it was meant to say: do good and learn lessons. The original address was private residence of Yu Zhang, Kuaiji Prefecture of Six Liusong Dynasties. In the seventeenth year of Yuanzhi of Yuan dynasty(in 1357), Daozai Monk built Jijian hut here, and after several restoration it turned into temple. Before the temple,“as wonderland”was inscribed by Songmei Guo of Qing dynasty, and the clerical script “Jijian Temple of Tianchi Mountain”was inscribed by Genyuan Li of the Republic of China.The main scenic spots include:Stone House of Yuan dynasty, Purifying Soul Boat, Land Boat,Old Crape Myrtle Tree, Old Springs Group,etc.


Lotus Peak

Lotus Peak, also named “Lotus Rides Cloud”, has reputation of “First Peak of WUzhong”. Huge rocks stand upright in the mountain peak with wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, exactly like lotus flourish in the sky.In side of it, there is a rare stone shaped like “Old Buddha Observing Lotus”. It’s said that, when the Goddess of Mercy came from South Sea to Mount Hua to preach, she stood at one-thousand-petal lotus and then left the top to become Lotus Peak.So when stepped one by one-from Lotus Pavilion to Imperial View Pavilion, and reach Lotus Peak,you can make a wish and pray for blessings.

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